My Idea Worth Spreading

My idea is to understand the immorality and illogic of sending young people to fight and die in combat for their country at the age of 18, but not allowing that same person to drink until the age of 21. The idea started from something that my father pointed out to me about how people can fight and die for their country at 18, but they can’t be trusted with a drink until they are the age of 21, and he felt that the laws were immoral although he didn’t use that word specifically it was the message he was trying to convey to me. I began to search about to understand if it was immoral or not, I also began to realize how illogical the law is much like other laws in American society, an example being the legal age of smoking being 21 yet smoking is so harmful to the human body, and how in most states you can’t legally smoke weed recreationally, yet weed doesn’t have the same long lasting effects that cigarettes have. To have a good talk I need to to be knowledgeable in my topic and have a clear lesson I want my audience to learn and agreed with, above all else, in order for me to give the best senior talk I can I need to learn my topic and rehearse my senior talk as to not be nervous and be more confident in my ability to show that I understand my topic and that I have the confidence to present it.

Will’s Obituary

William S. Hollis, age 78, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, December 10th, 2080 at AdventHealth Orlando Hospital in Florida. He was born on June 8th, 2002, in Saint Francis Hospital in Beacon, to Michael Hollis and Patricia An Coyne. As a younger man he would go to school receiving good grades but he was no honor student, he didn’t put forth that extra effort, in high school he at first wanted to become a police officer but would eventually lose that interest and he would feel lost for a time until eventually feeling that a trade would suit him well. In the summers of those early years he would go to a camp and became a Camp Counselor which gave him leadership abilities and the skill to work well with others. He was a 2020 graduate of Newburgh Free Academy North. After graduation he decided to work one last year as a camp counselor, after that job ended he’d truly be in the real world. He would pursue a career in HVAC and he learned the trade at the Lincoln Institute of Tech taking a 12 month course. After earning his HVAC license at Lincoln Tech, the Institute would assist him in finding a company that would hire him and he was hired by 212 HVAC which serviced New York. After a little over a year of working for 212 HVAC he would take his first very vacation on his own to the United Kingdom in 2022. During his trip to the United Kingdom he met a young woman in London, named Charley Sands age 18, and the two hit it off instantly. He asked if the two could keep in contact and if she ever wanted to visit or even stay in America to come find him. William would return to America and would continue to work for 212 HVAC. His parents would retire to Florida like most New Yorkers do but he would rent their old house out of not wanting to leave where he once lived. He was now on his own working for a company that payed well for his age, but he felt lonely not because he didn’t have friends but because he didn’t have anyone close this went on until 2024. In 2025 Charlotte decided to take up his offer of staying with him in America while on a student visa. The two got along swimmingly. Eventually William would use his experience with HVAC and he would find work as a building manager at Paramount Tower Luxury Apartments and he would move in with Charley and live rent free but he would have to fix any issue involving HVAC in the building and be on call at almost all times and he’d be married to his work. Charley and Him would get engaged two years after dating, in that time going through the process of becoming a legal citizen, and would marry one year later in 2028. After a year and half the two would have a daughter in 2029 named Rosé after their love for Roses and the Rosé coming from a song they both loved. After raising Rosé for 5 years the two still got along although they were used to each other things never got stagnant with each other. He would still manage Paramount Tower and he became well known and respected by the residents that lived there. In 2034 they wound have a son named Joshua after a boy that William knew when he was younger at the camp who lost his life in a car accident. He wanted the memory of his young friend to live on his son. William and Charley would live together and parent the two kids until eventually they would grow up themselves and live their own lives just like William had done. He would eventually retire at the age of 67 and Charley at the age of 67 would retire from a career in Psychology as a Therapist two years later as she was a two years younger then him. Just like most New Yorkers do and his parents did they retired down to Florida living peacefully until Charley would pass away peacefully at 71 leaving William with their children and grandchildren. William was glad he lived longer then her not because he wanted alone time, but because he loved her and he didn’t want her to live without her best friend. Five years later he would pass away surrounded by his family. Although he was unsure of what came after death if anything or maybe nothing at all, he hoped if there was anything that he could be there with his best friend Charley. Rest in peace William S. Hollis.

Where am I?

My goal for the end of this year has not changed but my focus for what to do after has changed. My goal remains to graduate from high school at the end of this year. In pursuit of this goal I did very well my first marking period this school year with over a 90 although I did slack off the second marking period (that’s the just) because in all honesty I have let myself be distracted. I already have 21 credits but not the required credits that are needed to graduate, the credits I need are my art credit, government/economics credit, my final gym credit, and my ELA credit. I’m doing well in all except my English class I believe, that is unfortunately of my own doing.

My focus for after graduation has multiple routes. Currently I’m looking at either the vocational school of Lincoln Tech or the Dutchess County Community College to educate myself for HVAC. I haven’t applied to Lincoln Tech nor have I visited it because it hasn’t really been possible to visit New Jersey where it’s located, but I will be checking out its next open houses. Now for the Dutchess County Community College I would have done the instant admission that was available at NFA North but the day of it was cancelled because of a two hour delay due to snow that day, tomorrow I’ll be sure to check with Ms. Kraus when the reschedule for it will be. The decision between the two is rather difficult for me. Lincoln Tech will give me a better certificate in HVAC then Dutchess would, but Dutchess would assist me if I wanted or needed to pursue a higher education which I might want later in life but it would definitely help if later in life I was in a position where a college degree would be allow me to progress further in my career. Currently I’m reading the drivers manual fortunately I haven’t needed a car but soon I will and because I haven’t needed to have a car I haven’t been doing much studying until recently.

Pressure has been building up on me lately so there’s no point in making excuses. It’s time I man up and face head on what’s coming my way. That’ll do pig.

The Last Meal

If I had the chance to choose my last meal in this life it would be to have the water known as Smart Water, I have no clue as to what makes its smart but it is some of the best water I’ve ever tasted at least bottled water wise, as a beverage. For an appetizer I would choose to have their Boneless Wings BBQ flavored with the ranch carrots and celery believe it or not. For the main course I would like to have a simple Cheese Burger with ketchup on it cooked to medium rare from my favorite diner called the Coach Diner. For dessert I would like to have a cup of scooped chocolate flavored Ice Cream with whipped cream and chocolate flavored syrup dripped over the whipped cream and a cherry on top.

When it comes to here I would eat I’d choose to sit at my favorite table at the Coach Diner which is right to the left as soon as you walk into the restaurant it’s part booth but the other side has chairs so it can fit a lot of people if need be. I chose this because I was unsure of where to eat it but I felt that table reminded me the most of friends and family so I’d eat my last meal there.

If I could choose who I would eat my last meal with it would probably be a few of my closest friends. I think I’d have more fun with them then my parents because I could just have some laughs with my friends and be myself which would help make the sadness of this being my last meal drift away.

This is how I would choose to have my last meal as. If I knew it was really my last meal I would try my best as to move past that fact and try to enjoy the moment at hand. I think if I had the right people around me, the right food, the right place, and even the right appetite I could truly enjoy my final meal. Thank you and have wonderful evening.

College Is Not An Option

If college is not an option AND I could not continue to depend on my parents whatsoever, I would have to find a way to survive, a place to work, and a place to live.

First off, if I had some time while in high school before I got thrown into the world, I would try to find a job as soon as possible and save as much money as I could. That would only be if I had a chance to prepare for myself. If I had no preparation time, this first thing I’d do is walk to the Newburgh Free Library and look up jobs right out of high school, and I’d try to use any device I have at my disposal to help myself that isn’t illegal, but I will be completely honest and say I don’t know if I could stop myself from doing something illegal if put in such a position, I would try my absolute hardest, but humans can only take so much.

When it comes to what I would do for work I’d probably start applying to jobs online, using the Newburgh Free Library’s computers, I’d look for jobs that I’d have a good chance at excelling in, but if I’m homeless I would without a doubt take any job I could get my hands on. I’d save up as much of my money as I could only spending on necessities and a very low-quality phone mainly for phone calls like an employer calling for an interview.

Now when it comes to where I would live, I would ask one of my closest friends parent’s if I could stay with them for a time, I hate to have to even think about putting a burden on them like that, and I wouldn’t hold it against them if it was a no, but I’d try to make it as burden-free as possible. If they said no, I’d walk to my nearest homeless shelter and stay there. I googled homeless shelters near me and what they would do with me and one that is near me is called the Catholic Charities of Newburgh New York.  The shelter would provide me help in finding temporary shelter, or provide motel vouchers if there are no temporary shelters. These would all be avoided if I went into the military but I wanted to see what I would do without the military as an option as well.

It would not be easy to survive in a situation like this, but I know it would be even harder for me if I tried to go to college in this position at the same time. So, in the end, I think if college was not an option like mentioned in this blog, it would be a very fucking difficult time in my life. But I think I’d pull through no matter what was thrown at me because I know something others don’t, because at the end of the day it’s gonna be aight.

The Exit Interview

When deciding who I wanted to interview for this blog post, I had to think of someone who was older than me and who had already gone through my next stage in life. I decided to interview my best friend, my role model, Michael Manza, to give you an idea of who Michael is or Mike as I call him I’ll say that he is a funny, supporting friend and a very detailed person, he doesn’t like to take things at face value. I chose to interview him because he is older than me and is currently going through the next stage of life that I will soon be going through myself and felt that it would be better to get some advice from someone who is currently going through this stage and how they are handling it.

I plan to go to college after I graduate from high school, so I decided to ask him how he is handling college and what I should expect from college. What he told me was “I’m handling it pretty well, I’m kind of used to it now that I’m a month into it. For you going to College next year I just want you to know the workload is immaculate.” Now I didn’t know what immaculate meant so I looked it up immaculate and it means to be without flaw. At first this didn’t make sense so the next day I asked him what he meant by it and he explained to me that in a sense you have to be flawless, and that if you don’t get your work done and stay in pace with the work you’ll easily fall behind.

I next asked Mike about how he deals with all the stress that ensues with being a student in college and also being employed. His answer was “Well, I always self motivate myself to do well, because I know that if I achieve the goals I want to, I’ll feel good about myself at the end of the day.” To me, this pretty inspiring because I’ve basically grown up alongside him, but he is a bit older than me, which meant he has always set an example for me, whether intentionally or unintentionally. He has gone through some stressful events during his life that put a lot of stress on him, but even though these events would try to affect him, he still got up every day went to school and kept his grades high, while he did well in school he got a job, he saved the money he made, and with that money he learned how to drive a car and got his permit and eventually his license. This man Michael Manza is a legend. He explained how he motivates himself and that allowed me to more truly understand who the man who inspired me is.

To finish off the interview I asked him to give some motivation to any students moving into the next stage of life. He decided to give me a quote from a famous WWE Wrestler Bret Hart, he said “That us as students we are ‘The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.'” I really do like his answer because out of all quotes he could have chosen, he decided to choose one from the top of his head, and it was a quote from one of the best wrestlers of all time and it just works.

I decided on Michael Manza for this interview because not only was he a great option for me, but because I wanted to understand him a little bit more. Because every time we learn something new about someone it can either bring us closer or bring us further apart, but with this interview, I can say without a doubt in my mind that it’s brought me and Mike closer not only as friends but close like brothers. So a big thank you to Michael Manza for letting me interview him and for everything that we’ve been through.


My Senior Year

This year is my last year of my high school life. With this being my last year in high school I have started asking myself questions about my academic life leading up to this senior year, like where did it start, how far have I come as a student, and am I prepared for the next stage in my life? I’d say my academic life began quite obviously in kindergarten, but not just because it was my first year of my academic career, but because at that time of my childhood, I learned a lot of what I needed to know in life largely in kindergarten. The reason I say this is because of a book called All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, the book is a collection of essays about childhood dreams, hopes, experiences, and regrets, all written by Robert Fulghum. I’d say that as a student I’ve come far in these past 12 years. I say sort of because I’ve had 80’s and above throughout most of my academic career except for some classes i.e. Chemistry, Art, and Italian especially. But I don’t feel like I can restate a lot from what I’ve been supposed to have learned from all these classes. I feel like a lot of what I was taught was just forgotten right after almost to make room for the next lesson to be taught to me. I believe that I’m not alone in this feeling, I’ll have to ask some of my friends how they feel about it. When I ask myself if I’m ready for this next stage of my life, I honestly don’t think I’m ready, but not for a lack of maturity but for a fear of the unknown ya know? I’m nervous about what my future holds, I mean obviously I plan on doing my best and doing whatever it takes to get wherever it is I want to be in life whether it be a career in criminal justice, working as a building manager, or anything, but it’s the not knowing for what purpose it is that I’m going to be doing my best.  All of these questions are good questions and of course there are more but these ones caught my attention the most. I learned a saying a couple of summers ago from two older friends of mine, at the end of the day it’s gonna be aight, with an emphasis on the aight, it’s not alright, but aight. I’m not sure why this saying has stuck with me, but whenever I get nervous whether it be about the fear of the unknown, my future or even the present. I always repeat that in my head to calm myself down and not worry about things so much. I’m going to end this blog before I lose myself in a rant about how stressed I am about my future and why I need to relax. So all I’ll say is these are the answers to the questions that I asked myself about academic life leading to my senior. And at the end of the day it’s gonna be aight. See you later…

My Year in Review

My Junior year will soon be coming to an end. In this post I will be describing what I could have done better in this year, the kind of advice I would give to a soon to be 11th grader, and last I will speak on what I learned this year that I never knew before.
This year I wish I could have done better in my Chemistry class. All of the content that we were suppose to learn in that class I had a really hard time understanding. Every marking period my grade in that class went down each marking period. All the other kids in that class also struggled so we couldn’t really turn to each other for help. ANd as time went on the confusing work and the teacher didn’t really teach us in a way that helped us understand the work, and so me and basically all the other kids in that class gave up on that class. So I wish I had done better in Chemistry class this year.
One thing that I would tell to an incoming 11th grader is, if you really don’t think you’re gonna do well in one of your classes drop as soon as you possibly can. You do not want to get stuck in a class that you are failing, and it only brings your grades down so just don’t do that like I did. A quote by Samuel Lover “Better to be safe than sorry” this relates to how you’d rather drop a class that you might not do well in then take it anyways and possible fail badly.
One thing that I learned this year is that if I want to succeed is that I can’t surround myself by people and things that will stop me in my pursuit of being successful and I myself must have the will to even want to succeed.


This post will examine how I have changed as a human being since the start of the new school year. I do believe that I’ve grown in maturity and intelligence since the beginning of the school year. But when it comes to becoming wiser, I do not believe that I am wiser because that think that they are wise truly are not only those that know and can admit that they don’t know everything are truly wise. I do not think that I have grown emotionally stronger but I have become more understanding of my own emotions and why I have certain emotions so maybe in a sense I am emotionally stronger. And I can’t hide feeling the blog post’s have helped me with understanding my emotions, so thanks Mr. Freedman, and apologies for calling you old the other day I guess in a sense your a young oak tree. I do feel that I’m more suited to handle myself in this world after this year, although it may not be much but I do feel a bit better suited for handling myself. I’d say that I am less naive towards some things in life, I’m more than likely less stubborn towards some things like not wanting to get my school work done and listening to my parents a bit more often just a bit! And I’m certainly not a nervous wreck, at least I’m not at this very moment and for the foreseeable future. About being able to survive on my own in this day and age I’m not suited like having a part time job, but having my knowledge on the adult world has improved a good amount. This coming year of 2019 and the rest of my Junior year I’d say that I’d like to achieve getting a job at the end of the school year and beginning of summer as a camp counselor at camp Ruscitti and honestly just growing as a person getting to know other and especially getting to know myself better that might be generic but deep down I think that is really how I feel.

Human Question Number: 6

It took me a minute to think of a time when I was kind to a stranger. But the first thing that came to my mind was just helping to pick up something that a lady dropped.

Now to give this situation some context we were at Yankee Stadium and we were walking the halls and we got to this room that had information about the Yankees along the wall and this lady was pushing a stroller or at least I think it was but I know for sure that she had dropped a water bottle and my reaction was just to bend over and pick it up for her. She said thank you and I said no problem and went on my way, never thinking that I’d be forced to write about this in a blog post one day.

When I think about how it made me feel is that at the time that I helped the lady in all honesty, there wasn’t much of a thought to it. It was just a reaction that I had and I saw that someone could use a little help and I helped not even thinking twice before or after the event. But looking at it now I can say I feel sorta proud that I did that because I reminded myself of other times I’ve done this for people and not really thought much of that act of kindness. I guess since I just acted and didn’t think if I’m being kind or only doing a kind act just to be a kind person, it means that I truly am a kind person. Howdy y’all I sure do hope you enjoyed the 6th Human Question, this is Will signing off.